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What’s New: Grown in Ontario

Simon Says Salsa

Two new product lines highlight the bounty that is available in Ontario.

Simon Says Fine Foods' salsas taste as fresh as the day their ingredients were harvested. Habanero Hot and Peach varieties are bright and full of flavour. Simon in a young farmer in Markdale and he grows all the produce for his salsas on his own farm, except for peaches which come from a family farm in Niagara. …

What’s New: [The Not So] Humble Pie

Humble Pie

Our newest product aquisition is a line of locally made seasoning blends from The Spice Co. of Selwyn. Local culinary instructor, food columnist, and consultant, Chef Brian Henry, recently launched this company, starting with fseveral fun flavours: Kick Ass Cajun, Mexican Kitchen Cartel, and Raggae Rub. 

Food Trend: Buy Local

Spice Co Rubs

The Buy Local movement is sweeping the nation, and Peterborough is well situated for getting caught up in the wave. The Peterborough Saturday Farmers’ Market has a long history of connecting farmers & producers with shoppers. A vibrant restaurant scene, two high school culinary programs, and the Fleming College Culinary program help to highlight foodie trends. 

What’s New: Susan’s Hot Mustard

Susan's Hot Mustard

What’s old is new again… Susan’s Hot Mustard is back on our shelves after a hiatus of several years. 

Susan’s Mustard was created in the late 1960s by a farmer in Ashburn, Ontario. It was later manufacturered on a small scale but gained a huge following among hot mustard-lovers. Along with many folks, a family from Cobourg had been searching in vain for Susan’s Mustard in shops everywhere. …

Food Trend: Sriracha

PIG Sriracha

Sriracha is an Asian style hot sauce made with red jalapeños, vinegar, and garlic with a touch of sweetness added. The ubiquitious tall plastic bottle with the rooster on the front is made by  Huy Fong Foods, in California, and is often nicknamed, “ ooster Sauce”. David Tran, a Chinese-Vietnamese immigrant, created the sauce in 1980 and named it after the coastal city of Si Racha, in eastern Thailand. …

Food Trend: Flavoured Aioli

Stonewall Kitchen Cilantro Lime Aioli

Aioli is a traditional French Provençal sauce made with olive oil, garlic, lemon and eggs. It’s similar to mayonnaise but with more flavour. It can really elevate a dish rather than just mask the taste like mayo. Use it as a spread for sandwiches and po'boys, coating for fish, dip for fries, sweet potato fries, and vegetables. …

What’s New: BBQ Cookbooks


Whether you’re a barbecue beginner or seasoned pro, sometimes you’re looking for a little backyard inspiration. We’ve got a great selection of cookbooks from some of North America’s top champions. Learn the basics and pick up tips from folks whose lives revolve around fire & smoke. We have books on grilling, smoking, curing, planking, marinating, and more. 

What’s New: Ontario Garlic Cloves - Peeled, Frozen

Frozen Garlic

The Garlic Box Ontario Garlic Cloves

Peeled Ontario-grown garlic cloves are available in convenient resealable freezer pouches. The cold-climate variety, Magic, is grown in Hensall, Ontario, and has a flavour that is far superior to Asian garlic. Individual cloves thaw in minutes under running water, ready for use in any recipe. …

What's New: Nogent Can Opener

Can Opener

Nogent Super-Kim Can Opener

There is nothing more frustrating in the kitchen than a can opener that doesn't work! How many times have you gotten half-way around a can only to have the opener skip off the lip? When we were told that this line of openers never failed, we were skeptical. We purchased one opener and put it to the test. …

What's New: Grill Combs

Grill Comb

Grill Combs

No this is not an accessory to help keep your grill neatly coiffed. These are cleverly designed grill gadgets that keep foods from spinning around on pesky round skewers. They are perfect for shrimp, cubed meat, veggies, fruit, and even grill cheese like haloumi. They hold foods securely and are flat so they can be easily grabbed with a set of tongs when it's time to flip the food over.  

Food Trend: Gourmet Mayonnaise

Sir Kensington's Ketchup & Mayo

Gourmet Mayonnaise 

Designer mayo is hot, hot, hot, right now. From gourmet flavours like truffle mayo to cheeky combinations like Baconnaise, there is no lack for sandwich spreads these days. Aioli is the French cousin to mayonnaise and is also showing up with gourmet flair.  

Besides using as a spread for your sandwich, mayo and aioli make excellent dips for veggies or fries. …

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